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The Web STILL hates women

Last year we spoke about the ridiculous disparity between the amount of women and men speaking at industry events. After writing that post I had the pleasure of speaking to some of the people men who organized a few of those events.

Their defense was that basically, gee, they just don’t know any girls. That’s fair. Girls are intimidating and they smell pretty. So, I pointed them to a list that Jen Bekman put together for just this kind of thing, hoping that the next year’s set of events would be a little more gender diverse.

They’re not.

Jason Kottke has a great run-down of this year’s events. He did math and everything.

FOWA-Badge.gif Since I’m much more childish than Jason, and he’s already done the smart work, I’ll merely point out, in my charming Eddie Haskel-like manner that this year the ‘Future of Web Apps’ Conference (26 men, 1 woman) went as far as incorporating a penis into its logo. At least there’s truth in advertising.

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