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The Return of Stupid


The web is a stupider place than it was a few months ago.


In the past few months I’ve noticed a definite increase in the amount of ‘stupid fun’ that comes across my screen. Of course it’s totally possible that at my advancing age (40 is 3 months away!) I’m just come to the grand realization that nothing really matters, nothing needs to be dugg, it’s possible to twitter a totally different life, and I just don’t need to aggregate all those feeds all day.

I just wanna look at cats.

Lolcats have taken over the internet, to the joy of some and the dismay of others. Fellow Pennsylvanian Anil Dash has already gone on at great length about the linguistics behind the lolcat phenomenon. I encourage you to go read that.

What’s got my interest now is the relationship of the tools we’re using to the stupidity we’re making. A few weeks ago I started playing around with Tumblr, a stupidly simple blogging tool. Tumblr seems to be based on the principal that you don’t have too much to say and you’re gonna say it a lot. And it works. It’s incredibly light-weight in a way that encourages you to play, like picking up a tennis ball and tossing it against the wall a few times. Yes, it aggregates your feeds. Yes, apparently they’re adding some “social” to it. (YAWWWWN!!!) But overall it’s still very much about making stupid little posts and I really hope they keep it that way.

Let’s raise a glass to stupidity and take a look at some sites:

Web 2.0. LOL!!!

All Things Digital launches!

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