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I love the London 2012 Olympic Branding


I love this brand. And more to the point I love all the furor over this brand. Oh, the indignity! And they paid money for it too! Money for design?!? Oh noes!!

Every two years we are introduced to a new Olympic brand. There is some variation on a snowflake or a flame on top, the city name in the middle, and the rings on the bottom. Inevitably, as with all committee design, the goal is to upset no one. And when your goal is to not upset anyone, you inevitably end up not pleasing anyone either. You end up with the brand equivalent of going to a John Mayer concert, where no one was particularly upset to have been there, but they’re not exactly happy to have gone either.

Coudal Partners has a particularly thought-out post about why this logo works. It’s a good read.

What I love here isn’t the object itself, it’s the gesture. Someone took a risk. They could have followed the formula but they didn’t. Taking a chance, even if you should fail, is always better than being too afraid to take one.

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