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Facebook, you owe me one Christmas Present.

Last Saturday I went to the movies with friends. I purchased my tickets on Fandango. That last sentence is important, or rather; the fact that I’ve decided to tell you that is important. Because where I spend my money is my business, and what I spend my money on is also my business. Unless of course, I choose to tell you.

That’s a really important distinction.

As I was wrapping up my transaction a pane popped up and made some mention of Facebook and tickets and Beowulf. I didn’t pay much attention as I was running out the door.

But today I decided to buy a video game for my son. For Christmas. You know—a secret gift kinda thing. Again, I get the pane pop up from Facebook.

At no point did either Fandango or Gamefly notify me that they’d be sharing this info with any other site. I was informed after the information had been passed.

So then I go to Facebook and my transactions are listed out for everyone to see. Without my permission. This is what I see:


I click on the privacy settings and find nothing except too many bizarre sliders. Reading around I discover that the only way to turn this off is at the site of origin. Once again; you only find out the site of origin is using this AFTER your information has been passed.

There are things I’m fine sharing with you lovely people and things I’m not. I need to be able to choose what those things are.

Some people would consider this ‘conversational marketing’. It’s not. If Mrs. Kravitz is peeking at me from across the streets through the blinds and then running to her neighbor to give her an update that doesn’t mean Mrs. Kravits and I are having a conversation. It means she’s eavesdropping on my business.

And Facebook, you owe my son a Christmas present.

What would Leslie do?

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