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Last Year’s Model


I like records. LPs. They sound great. And for all the awesomeness of carrying most of your music around on a little tiny white brick there’s nothing quite as satisfying as dropping a needle on vinyl.

That said I have all the standard-issue geek stuff, and when Nintendo released their new DSi last month I tried to justify buying one as I stared at a fat stack of still-working-just-fine DS’s. Usually it’s something like “I bet there’s some cool interaction design in that thing. I’d be remiss to my craft if I DIDN’T get it.” That reminds me, I need a Kindle.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with my friend Anil Dash on Last Year’s Model; a little one-page site with the big idea that you don’t have to automatically upgrade to the latest version of stuff just because it’s new; not if the one you have still works just fine.

I threw the design together in an afternoon, mostly using stock art I’d purchased for other projects and after being inspired by a wall of Amazon Prime boxes in the office. Ironically, my new MacBook Pro exploded right after designing this and I had to take it into the shop. As I pulled out my backup laptop I couldn’t remember why I’d replaced it.

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