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WordPress Plugin for Six Apart Services

We were happy to learn that friend of Mule Art Wells worked with our friends at Six Apart to develop a new WordPress plugin that gives WordPress users access to several Six Apart services: TypePad AntiSpam, TypePad Connect (6A’s commenting and community tools), Six Apart Media (6A’s advertising network), and (6A’s blog directory).

If you know our work, you know we’ve done a lot of work with Six Apart: we’ve worked on their corporate site and the most recent versions of both TypePad and Movable Type, plus we’ve built a lot of sites using both of those products. We’ve also worked spent our fair share of time working on sites powered by WordPress. We think both platforms are great, and we’re happy to have both of them in our arsenal of tools. This kind of integration strengthens both and we think it’s a really fantastic move for Six Apart to make.

And nice work, Art!

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