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Mule Nog ’09

Mule Nog is one of the fine annual traditions here at Mule. Every year we invite our friends, families, clients, and those yet-to-be unfriended, to a grand end-of-year celebration. We offer libations, snacks, entertainment and the comfort of a fireplace (video).We make toasts, celebrate the year and have a nice time.

You’ve had it too easy.

This year we want payback. To get invited to the party you have to make a video. Like this one:

Post it to our flickr group. If we like what we do we’ll send you an invite code which you’ll want to take to for party details. It’s really very easy.

The holidays are about giving. Give us videos.

Oh, hey. As a special added bonus we’re co-hosting this year’s party with our neighbors Kicker Studio. They couldn’t be happier.

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