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The Death of Favrd


I awoke Sunday morning to the news that Favrd was dead. Without ceremony. Without warning. Without a chance to say goodbye. It didn’t go out for cigarettes. It didn’t tell us we needed some time apart. It didn’t become ‘Favrd from Yahoo!’ It didn’t tell us it had found its soul mate elsewhere. Dean Allen just pulled the plug and it was over.

For those not familiar, Favrd was a small but passionate community of people dedicated to amusing themselves on Twitter. Its ‘no webcock’ policy managed to keep the prancing fools who claim to have unlocked the secret genie secrets to ultimate success in 140 characters or less at bay.

And like most communities on the web built on the passion of a selected few it had to die. Lucky for us it had a smart bastard of a lovely human being at the helm. He knew when to kill it.

It’s a cliché, sure, but in the year that Favrd existed I made some really great friends. Those are mine to keep. Favrd was Dean’s to kill. And as with many community-building situations in life; summer camp, college, different jobs, conferences and prison, the relationships you build can last longer than the situation; if you’re willing to maintain them.

Now, we can all bitch about it being gone or we can go build something good enough that people will cry when it’s gone too.

Thanks Dean. You fucker.

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