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Design is Like Cooking: Plan, Prep, and Plate

The elements of a site are ingredients. Some may be subtle, and some may stand out. Finding a satisfying blend of these elements takes time, research, and attention.

We’re in the design kitchen, cooking up a meal for your guests. We take time to research and plan before we throw butter in a skillet.

We ask:

* Who are the guests?

* What do the guests like or dislike?

* How are the guests feeling? What is their mindset?

* When are the guests coming to eat?

* What’s in season?

These questions are part of the design process; the answers correlate to the ingredients and techniques we use to prepare a meal.

A good chef thinks about their audience, the context of the meal, and the freshness of the ingredients.

A great chef is an accomplished editor; the entire experience matters. The menu is consistently good from start to finish, without overt techniques or an overwhelming amount of ingredients. The chef disappears. The food is not intimidating, precious, or minimal.

We design each meal to:

* Satisfy your visitors

* Nourish your visitors

* Stimulate your visitors’ taste buds

* Create a cohesive experience for you and your visitors

After all, a delicious meal is not a masterpiece. It’s sweet and savory, and intended to be eaten.

Hungry? We’re happy to cook, but don’t expect us to throw some shit together quickly and hope it works.

We ask questions, cook with the diner in mind, and use our tools responsibly.

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