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Serious Eats Recipes

Anytime I need a good, solid recipe, I turn to Serious Eats. Their recipes are always carefully chosen, nitpicked over, and written with a serious love for food. They’re never afraid to experiment, whether they’re making something they’ve invented themselves or a dish that we’ve all made at home a hundred times before. The important thing is that they test, and retest—Alton Brown and Cook’s Illustrated style—to make sure their readers get the best possible recipe.

But the best thing about Serious Eats is that they keep it real. Their style of writing makes recipes, even ones that take hours slaving in the kitchen, approachable to cooks of all levels. Their articles, all accompanied by photos taken outside of a studio, show glorious result at the end, but only after going through the same failure after failure that we’ve all experienced at home. Their directions are honest, and unlike most food bloggers that only harp about the joys of cooking with ramps and organic eggs, they’re totally OK testing supermarket kettle chip brands or recreating the In-N-Out Double Double burger, Animal Style. Needless to say, Serious Eats rocks my world.

Serious Eats started out with a strong focus on food writing, and occasionally added on recipes to their articles. As time went on, more and more readers turned to Serious Eats as a resource for recipes, but had a difficult time finding them. So, they called us up to help them build a recipes section from the ground up, as well as redesign their individual recipe pages.


As a big Serious Eats fan, I couldn’t be more excited about the new Recipes section that launched this week.


You can now browse recipes by type and ingredient, but unlike traditional recipe sites, you can also browse by column, which is essential for Serious Eats readers.


There’s nothing that gets people to cook more than seeing a nice big picture of a juicy meal, so we put a big rotating image section right up there at the top of the page.


There’s even a How-To section for cooking. (Told you – they keep it real. Want to know how to boil water? They have that too.)


Reminiscent of mom’s old recipe file, clicking on “Browse by Category” pulls down an index card where you can check off the types of recipes you’re looking for.


Anyone who likes cooking loves sharing it even more. So we made sharing really, really easy. You can share any recipe that you’re reading, or post your own in the Talk section.


Then there’s the brand new recipe page. The old recipe pages took on the same format as the articles, but now they get their own, specially styled pages.


We took in consideration that laptops, phones, and iPads are commonplace in kitchens nowadays, so we made sure that each section is clearly marked, easy to read, and easy to follow on any device. If you get lost, there’s bookmarks to help keep your place—just like what you do with post-its in a cookbook.


There’s also the ability to select and print out comments, which is useful if other readers added in extra ingredients or tips to the recipe.

Check out the new recipes section »

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