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Unsuck It


A couple of months ago, Jason Santa Maria called upon the Internet for assistance:

Can one of you wonderful content strategists start a Tumblr site, post awful business speak (“boil the ocean”), and provide alternatives?

Shortly thereafter, we set up a Tumblr account for translating douchey business jargon into understandable English. That started well, but we wanted to do more than Tumblr allows. We want Unsuck It to reflect our passion for clear, direct language, using words to communicate rather than obscure. We also wanted to add enough space to entries for sample sentences, and better pagination for the archives.

So we built it ourselves. Here it is, ready for you to play with:

The new site lets you share a term on Twitter, e-mail a douchebag who used it, or suggest a new term we have yet to unsuck. Enjoy.

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