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Glaucoma Research Foundation


We’re pleased to announce the redesign of the Glaucoma Research Foundation (GRF). Sound familiar? We first worked together nearly six years ago. We love all our clients, but it’s always a treat to have the chance to revisit past clients and work. The design process is invested in relationships, from the first meet where designers and clients suss each other out to the final designed site that readily, thoughtfully gives the person before the screen just what he or she needs. Here at Mule, we’ve been privileged enough to help continue to tell GRF’s story.

GRF is a national non-profit that backs research efforts to treat and cure glaucoma. It also serves as an extraordinary resource to anyone who’s been affected by the disease, offering a supportive and knowledgeable community in potentially devastating circumstances.

As does the research GRF funds, we focused on the idea of progress. We wanted to improve on the accessibility tools we’d emphasized the first go-around, and we wanted to extend the community conversation to those who aren’t diagnosed but nonetheless have vital roles: caretakers, family, and friends. With these new audiences in mind, we worked to set clear paths to information. We recommended content guidelines that favored natural language—the better to dispel fears and encourage awareness—along with ways to use multimedia to present personal stories, putting a human face on both the condition and the research.

The result is a strong site that is accessible, easy to use, and empathetic. It’s this focus on the person that gets at the heart of GRF’s mission of responsive research and public education, and it’s one of the qualities that first drew us to the Foundation. The goal of design isn’t contained in a highly-calibrated cinema display—design works for people.

Many thanks to Andrew Jackson and the GRF team for the opportunity and for their incredible efforts. It was a pleasure.

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