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What Clients Don’t Know (…And Why It’s Your Fault)

If you missed Mike’s closing talk at TYPO San Francisco, it’s now up on the TYPO site. Mike stresses the importance of empathy—how to work together with clients and draw upon your collective expertise.

Dangerously, we sometimes forget that helping [clients] through that process is an integral part of our job. We complain that they’re giving us stupid feedback, they’re evaluating the work wrong, that they’re breaking our process. We get irritated that they just don’t get it. As an industry, we’ve come a long way in embracing empathy for the users of our products, but we’ve a long way to go in developing that same empathy towards our clients. The very people who hire us, who trust us with our budgets, their futures, and whose success is ultimately intertwined with our own are often treated as an irritation.

Mike takes us through possible designer-client pitfalls and what you, as designers, can and must do to prevent them. It’s your job. Watch the video here.

Update: Typo now allows embeds. So here it is:

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