David McCreath

Lead Developer

David has been working on the web steadily since 1994. In that time he has been a designer, a creative director, a middleware programmer, and even for a short while a project manager. But his happiest place is front end development. His understanding of the entire design process helps him bridge gaps between disciplines often found in web development teams.

His single purpose with every job is to make the web a little better for the user, and he believes the path to this enlightenment is standards-compliant code and semantically sound pages. He sees a bright and hopeful future in the rise of mobile platforms and responsive design and looks forward to helping clients create the best possible experience for their users.

When not elbow deep in CSS, David is focused on music. After playing in bands for most of his twenties, then not playing anything for all of his thirties, he picked up his guitar again a few years ago and got back up on stage, where the connection with people is immediate and immediately gratifying. David is currently writing songs and rehearsing with a new band, and he plans to share music with audiences for the rest of his days.

He is also the host of the musical podcast It Might Get Personal, where the goal is to get people back in the frame of mind to share music with one another without an iPod between them.

David joined Mule in 2005. He received his BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas, Austin.

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    Every episode, a guest comes and sings one of their favorite songs, then tells David why it’s special to them.