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So you need to hire a design studio.

Be clear about your needs.

Whether you’re trying to increase revenue, relaunch your brand, or bring a whole new product into the world, make sure you and your team have clear goals and expectations for your designer.

Embrace uncertainty.

Finding the right solution requires a deep understanding of the problem. Good designers can explain the steps to understand and solve your problem, but they will refuse to speculate too soon. Beware those who do.

Prepare to talk money.

Designers work within a set of given constraints. Your budget is one of them. If you know what you want to spend on a project, that information will make it much easier to recommend an approach.

You’ll be spending some time together.

Design teams are individual, not interchangeable. Make sure you’re hiring people you can work with, argue with, and possibly drink with.

So give us a call. And let’s see if we’re a good match.

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