Research Together

A Mule Workshop

From the people who wrote the shortest book on research (Just Enough Research), a workshop that will have you gathering useful insights in no time and having a fine time doing it. The key is involving your entire team. Knowledge is best when shared.

We’ll cover the most practical approaches for anyone busy doing other things. And show you how to fit research into virtually any timeline, type of organization, or process.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use research in any organization, budget, team, or timeframe
  • Identify and formulate your key questions (Hint: they’re not the ones you think they are.)
  • Choose research methods and activities
  • Master the art of the interview
  • Think as a team to get the best insights from your data
  • Digest, report, and share insights so that none get lost or go to waste
  • Convince skeptics of the value of being a skeptic
  • Cultivate practical curiosity throughout your company

What past participants say:

“I really liked hearing about the organizational research part, which is something I think goes undervalued at most organizations but seems critical for being able to effectively collaborate.”

“Erika is an amazing speaker and teacher.”

“Practices were very fun and useful, especially the part when we stepped into our users shoes and were looking from their perspective.”

“I already recommended this workshop to my colleagues and friends.”

How to make it happen

We can do this workshop as part of a conference, or in-house at your organization. Get in touch today and tell us what you need. We’re ready to help.