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A Mule Workshop

The Professional Woman’s Guide to Dealing With Sexist Bullshit

This workshop prepares women to navigate toxic company culture. There is a lot of talk about calling out sexism in the workplace and leaning in, but nothing super practical. Mule Design Studio is super practical, and we have decades of experience working within many different office cultures. We’ll guide the discussion so that we can learn from each other how to deal with common issues.

We’ll begin by determining problematic behaviors, and identify assumptions and subtle biases that might be making your work life harder. This includes getting interrupted or ignored, unnecessary apologizing, negotiating, dealing with bro jerks, and being perceived as abrasive or bitchy.

Then, you’ll learn ways to communicate to make yourself heard and get what you need. Finally, we’ll engage in role play. We’ll bring in a “typical coworker” (actually Mule’s kindest male employee who also has deep improv expertise) so you can practice using your newfound techniques and strategies in a safe environment.

Who this workshop is for

YOU! If you identify as a woman and want to learn to communicate your position clearly at work.

How to make it happen

Get in touch today and tell us what you need. We’re ready to help.