Stop Writing For the Web

A Mule Workshop

Designing interactive experiences requires an interactive approach. Traditional writing habits and outdated models are holding you back. Stop “creating content,” and start communicating like a true online native.

This workshop will help you:

Break out of silos. Ditch legacy practices. Whip your workflow into shape.

  • Define roles clearly and turn territory battles into teamwork
  • Improve your workflow

The words you choose and the media you use define your customer’s experience. Learn to prioritize your audience rather than preserving anyone’s ego.

  • Find your voice
  • Choose the right medium for your message
  • Write with audience needs in mind
  • Edit for impact

We can do this workshop as part of a conference, or in-house at your organization.

How to make it happen

Get in touch today and tell us what you need. We’re ready to help.