One Thousand Percent

So, it’s been about 3 months since the National Audubon Society launched their new website. And our dear friends over there just shared some new stats.

For the 3-month period after launch, compared with the same period last year:

  • Total visits are up 112%.
  • Pageviews are up 90%.
  • The percentage of returning visitors is up 300%.
  • And the total number of visits coming from social media increased 1000%.

ONE THOUSAND PERCENT. That’s pretty good right?

One of the major goals of the project was to build awareness of the Audubon Society with new audiences, and this is a pretty good indication that’s happening. It’s easy to obsess about the activity on a website, but to be successful, what happens off the site out in the wider web and world matters.

We’re also really happy about the numbers for returning visitors because that means Audubon is building a relationship with more people. More people will be enjoying birds, and protecting birds and their habitats because of Audubon. And more people will be participating in and supporting an organization that facilitates a tremendous amount of conservation work. The old design system was just standing in the way.

When it is a true partnership, the designer-client relationship accomplishes great things. We bring an outside perspective, and they bring the ambitious goals and deep knowledge—and it this case, a clear mission and strategy. It’s easy to redesign a website and only touch the surface without engaging the whole organization, but that won’t be the path to lasting success. That shiny surface will remain static or revert, reflecting old habits. The Audubon team rolled up their sleeves and fully committed to the process because they saw the potential.

The content team enthusiastically embraced our recommendation to let all the old organizational content go and not try to wedge it into the new communication strategy. Their cheerful cries of “Burn it all down!” still echo in my ears. And then they had to build it all back up. Over months of work, their commitment never wavered. We ourselves return to the site daily to enjoy the glorious photos and illustrations, and the delightful writing that invites participation. (Because no one—not even designers—go to a site for the design, we go for the content.)

And you can be sure they kept us on top of our game. Their cheerful cries of “Why did you do it that way!?!” reverberate as well.

This is the give-and-take of genuine collaboration that leads to success. And we will be forever grateful that Audubon allowed us to play our small part in their essential work. Thanks for keeping it a thousand!