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GOAT Salon: Q&A with Ash Huang

Our next GOAT Salon is next week, Wednesday, August 9th with polymath, Ash Huang!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a designer, illustrator, and writer here in San Francisco—as well as the knitting/soapmaking/weaving/cooking woman you’d want to run your post-apocalyptic commune. I’ve worked at startups like Pinterest and Twitter, as a freelancer, in large companies like Adobe, and everything in between.

What will you be talking about for this upcoming GOAT Salon?

I’m an open book, no pun intended. We can talk about anything from creativity, having multiple passions, memorable bad kerning and other public type disasters, starting a writing habit, how small acts add up…

How do you see your work tying into design or politics?

All acts are political. Who you hire, who you work for, how you run meetings—Americans have an obsession with silver bullets and big impact, but making a difference is often more habit than spectacle. Besides Internet group therapy (making images and highlighting stories to help people through these times; i.e. header image above), I am focused on making design an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. I write a lot about how all of us can be less exclusive and generally try to uplift my design lady crew.

What brought about the idea for your new novel, Suspension?

I don’t know what comes next for America. The GOP and DNC are destroying themselves. Political debate has peaked into pure character assassination, and news is entertainment. I wrote Suspension to peer through the door of “together we stand, divided we fall,” because I suspect that divided, we do not fall. There would be no crash, no satisfying bonfire to send off the United States of America.

Read more about why Huang wrote Suspension here.

Hope to see you at her GOAT Salon! You can get your tickets here.