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Better Work Through Feedback

Feedback from colleagues and clients is essential to any project’s success, but good feedback is hard to come by. Stakeholders fixate on details while you’re still trying to nail down the big picture. Review cycles turn into political drama. The whole process stalls when decision makers expect you to play Solomon with their opposing feedback. Instead of improving your work, getting feedback becomes a chore.

Sound like something you need? Let’s talk.

Who it’s for

This workshop is for anyone for whom feedback review cycles with colleagues and clients is part of a day’s work. Designers, strategists, project managers, and the teams they work on will all benefit.

What you’ll learn

This workshop will help you get the feedback on your work that you need—and avoid feedback that is irrelevant, personal, or counter to the project’s goals. You’ll leave with a new understanding of what good feedback is, how to get it when you need it, and what to do with the feedback you receive.

This workshop will cover:

  • The role of feedback in collaborative work like design
  • How to guide feedback on work you present
  • Techniques for redirecting bad feedback into feedback that will move your project toward its goal
  • Responding to the feedback you receive, including when and how to push back
John Hanawalt leading a workshop


  • Create better work by getting better feedback
  • Feel more confident soliciting and responding to feedback
  • Collaborate more efficiently with teams and clients through shared definitions of useful feedback
  • Educate stakeholders on how to give good feedback, reducing stress and tension throughout the life of a project
  • Develop processes for responding to feedback and stop being “a deer in headlights” when it comes in

Who’s teaching?

John Hanawalt

John Hanawalt is a designer with extensive experience designing for mission-driven organizations. He’s worked on a broad array of issues such as LGBT health, trans rights, HIV/AIDS, and mental health.

John firmly believes design is a service industry. In service to a goal, in service to a client, and—if we’re lucky and work hard—in service to the future. He wants to help designers and clients work together better to do more good in the world. He’s available to speak about the right way to give and get feedback, how to fully engage clients on projects, and how design can actually change the world (for the better, hopefully).

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