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Cut The Bias

Systemic bias is not something a single individual can take on. Together in this full day workshop, we’ll help your organization form practices that address problematic behavior in the workplace.

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The day was honestly a treat. I got to know and learned from some truly amazing women who shared my same goal: to be able to do the job that I love in a supportive environment. I left the day feeling energized and excited to better advocate for myself and my work.

Allison Shaw Senior Product Designer, Zendesk

Who it’s for

Organizations and teams interested in reducing the impact of gender bias, creating a more inclusive work culture, and improving collaboration.

What you’ll learn

Gender bias in the workplace is a known problem. Traditional corporate training treats it as though more information is all people need. Evidence shows this approach does not work. Systemic bias is a problem of habit—how people behave, not what they know. And that makes it trickier to change.

The framework we use is grounded in years of problem-solving within a variety of organizational contexts. Changing behavior is possible when you first identify the underlying incentives and rewards.

Together, in this full day workshop, we’ll explore ways to change the behaviors that create obstacles to women’s professional development. And we will do this without requiring extra effort from those who are most affected.

Who’s teaching?

Erika Hall

Erika Hall is the co-founder and Director of Strategy at Mule. She has advocated for the importance of evidence-based design and strong language since the late 20th century. This represents decades of fisticuffs.

Her consulting practice focuses on helping organizations make better, more evidence-based decisions. This includes mentorship around creating a qualitative research practice, process redesign, as well as coaching and training in the form of talks and workshops for leaders and teams who just need a dose of expertise in a specific area

She is the author of Just Enough Research, now in its second edition, and Conversational Design, both from A Book Apart. Erika loves helping people overcome the often invisible organizational barriers to doing good work.

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Larisa Berger

Larisa Berger is a technologist and interface designer with broad expertise. Larisa is an experienced researcher, having worked with the MIT Media lab during her time as an undergraduate and in collaboration with Leaf Labs on their neuroscience data collection hardware.

She was part of the grand prize-winning team at Comedy Hack Day 2015 with their entry WellDeserved, a satirical marketplace addressing unexamined privilege.

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