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Presenting Work With Confidence

Good work doesn’t sell itself. The myth that good work sells itself is just that—a myth. Good solutions aren’t always obvious at first glance. Good ideas, even the best ideas, need to be sold. Making your case makes it more likely your work will launch on time (or at all) and that it represents your true intentions. It’s smart business.

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I watched our students presentation skills transform in this workshop. Their confidence and ability soared. You should take this.

Jared Spool Co-founder, Center Centre

Who it’s for

You. No, seriously—you. Whether you’re a designer, a developer, an engineer, a content strategist, or whatever funny name you’ve come up for yourself this week, your job includes having to convince someone of something. This is true whether you’re working in an agency, a studio, inside an organization, or for yourself. Everyone has clients, even if you call them “boss”.

Students learning

What you’ll learn

During this workshop, we’ll cover effective presentation techniques including: how to take charge of a room, how to turn your research and data into a good story, how to map your work to the objectives of your business or client, how to ask for the right kind of feedback, and more importantly, how to avoid getting feedback you don’t really need!

I typically dread workshops and come out of them feeling dirtied—but not this one.

Ryan Reid Writer, Pinterest

Who’s teaching?

Mike Monteiro

Mike Monteiro is the co-founder and design director of Mule Design. He prefers that designers have strong spines. Mike writes and speaks frequently about the craft, ethics, and business of design.

He loves design so much he wrote two books on the topic, Design is a Job and You’re My Favorite Client, both from A Book Apart. Mike received the 2014 Net award for Conference Talk of the Year for his inspirational polemic on responsibility, “How Designers Destroyed the World.”

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