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Rapid Qualitative Insights

Uncover the opportunities that aren’t showing up in your data. Don’t get ambushed by what you didn’t think to ask. In this 6-week program, your team—or people from across your organization—will learn to combine qualitative insights with quantitative data to make quick, confident decisions.

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If you ever think that you are not making decisions based on decent evidence, and if you are lucky enough to get their attention, then maybe you can hire Mule. You’ll be in the best hands possible.

Jesús Gorriti Head of Digital Customer Experience & Design, RBC

What is this?

A six-week coaching program for organizations and teams. We lead participants through a model research study that leads to both actionable insights and new skills, while accommodating ongoing work. It will prepare everyone involved to better collaborate across disciplines while learning continuously.

Who it’s for

Any organization that wants to reduce risk, improve collaboration, and make better decisions faster based on the right information will benefit. Whether or not you are currently working with designers or researchers, we adapt the program to your needs and capabilities.

Does your team:

  • Rely on quantitative analytics and surveys
  • Worry about missing opportunities by over-optimizing for current customers or constituencies
  • Wonder which data points are actually the most meaningful
  • Engage in frustrating arguments about design or communication priorities
  • Rely on sales, customer support, or donor relations staff to gather insights
  • Need help figuring out where to start

If this sounds like you, but you’re faced with unease about wasting time on “anecdotes”, don’t worry, that’s not how it works. We want to prevent your organization from setting fire to a large pile of money because you made a bad bet on how people behave in the real world.

What you’ll get

  • A clear framework for moving from goals to questions to insights
  • An assessment of your current practices based on your business model and capabilities
  • Training and practice in forming research questions, recruiting, interviewing, analysis, and sharing insights
  • Tools for recognizing and reducing biases
  • Initial qualitative research insights you can use right away
  • A plan for integrating various sources of data and feedback into a coherent strategy

How it goes

This is a highly-collaborative, efficient process. We work with your team to explain and demonstrate the principles. Then, we provide opportunities to participate and learn while doing.

  • Kick-off workshop to introduce key principles
  • Consult with individual team members to understand current practice
  • Assess gaps in understanding
  • Identify high-priority questions based on risks and opportunities
  • Profile and recruit external participants
  • Conduct a brief study based on key questions
  • Analyze findings to differentiate patterns from anecdotes
  • Create a roadmap for evidence-based decision-making

Depending on what you need and where you are, we can work remotely or through a combination of onsite and remote worksessions.

Our Approach

  • Goal-driven, which might sound basic, but many orgs jump to the method before clarifying the purpose
  • Pragmatic, because we aren’t talking about research for the sake of research, but for getting to the desired outcome
  • Informed, based on decades of wide-ranging experience
  • Skeptical about any method or source of data claiming to be the universal best for every organization or business model
  • Contextual, since every team has different capabilities and resources

We’re here to help