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Erika Hall is the co-founder and Director of Strategy at Mule. She has advocated for the importance of evidence-based design and strong language since the late 20th century. This represents decades of fisticuffs.

Even though writing is ever so much harder than talking, she was driven to produce Just Enough Research and Conversational Design, both from A Book Apart. Erika loves helping people overcome the often invisible organizational barriers to doing good work.

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The Presentations

  1. Img 0399
    Design With Words

    The tools and practices that carried over from graphic design have worked well for us in software design since the advent of graphic user interfaces. However, that time may be coming to an end.

  2. Webdagene
    Beyond Measure

    Even though everything is measurable, and almost everything we do is generating data, human problems often require illogical approaches. A good story is more powerful than a stack of facts.

  3. Just Enough Research Talk Shot
    Just Enough Research

    Every product, service, or interface we design in the safety and comfort of our workplaces has to survive and thrive in the real world. It takes research to make that happen.

  4. Poptech Small
    Asking Why (PopTech 2015)

    Designers must also be philosophers, and asking “why?” is our most vital tool.