Make your team a Mule team. Strong, collaborative, and with a mighty kick. Ready for any challenge.

Our experience will become yours through an interactive, hands-on workshop grounded in our broad experience and tailored just for your organization.

Give us a day or two, and we’ll give you a new outlook, practical skills, and a path to lasting change for the better.

In addition to the courses listed here, we can create a custom program of training and consulting.

  1. Presenting Work With Confidence Your job includes convincing someone of something. Learn how.
  2. Better Work Through Feedback Turn one of collaborative work’s biggest pain points into the secret of your next project’s success.
  3. Research Together Everyone wants to make better decisions. No one wants to read a report.
  4. Design With Words Designing interactive experiences requires an interactive approach.
  5. Cut The Bias Use a goal-directed framework to assess and remove obstacles to success.
  6. Design Is A Job Talent is nice, and this workshop will teach you how to turn that talent into a career.
  7. Design Ethics You're responsible for what you put into the world. Every choice you make needs to take that into consideration.