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Research Together

A Mule Workshop

Knowledge is best when shared. Our position is that doing research as a collaborative, multi-disciplinary effort can be much more effective that having specialists segregated out of the team and reporting back. The key is involving your entire team. We’ll cover the most practical approaches for anyone busy doing other things. And show you how to fit research into virtually any timeline, type of organization, or process.

From the people who wrote Just Enough Research, the bestest shortest book on research, a workshop that will have you gathering useful insights in no time and having a fine time doing it.

Who it’s for

It’s great for entrepreneurs, and it’s especially good for designers or researchers who need to convince their managers or dev teams of the value of research. It’s especially good for whole teams! Find out how everyone can learn together.

This workshop for anyone who wants to incorporate research into their design, development, or business process in order to make better-informed decisions. The emphasis is on qualitative rather than quantitative methods—things like interviews and observation rather than surveys and analytics.

Everyone will walk out with ideas and practices they can use immediately.

What you’ll learn

  • Use research in any organization, budget, team, or timeframe
  • Identify and formulate your key questions (Hint: they’re not the ones you think they are.)
  • Choose research methods and activities
  • Master the art of the interview
  • Think as a team to get the best insights from your data
  • Digest, report, and share insights so that none get lost or go to waste
  • Convince skeptics of the value of being a skeptic
  • Cultivate practical curiosity throughout your company
“Since the workshop, we’ve completely revamped our process to make sure that every design engagement starts with proper research. We’ve become better at selling the value of research to clients.”
Matthew Crist Cantina Consulting

Who’s teaching?

Erika Hall directs the research, strategy, and information design practices at Mule. She has been working in web design and development since 1995.

Her enthusiasm for evidence-based decision-making led her to write Just Enough Research, published by A Book Apart. She speaks frequently to local and international audiences on topics ranging from collaboration and design research to effective interface language. Her recent talks explore the limits of using quantitative data to make design decisions.

Larisa Berger is a technologist and interface designer with broad expertise. Larisa is an experienced researcher, having worked with the MIT Media lab during her time as an undergraduate and in collaboration with Leaf Labs on their neuroscience data collection hardware.

She was part of the grand prize-winning team at Comedy Hack Day 2015 with their entry WellDeserved, a satirical marketplace addressing unexamined privilege.